Random PC restarts?? HELP!

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18 окт 2017, 13:27

Random PC restarts?? HELP!

Сообщение Williamhawk 07 дек 2017, 09:04


I joined these forums hoping I might be able to garner a little assistance with an issue I am having. I was reading other similar issues and have got a SPECCY that may help. My temps do not seem to be too crazy when it happens.

I got this PC on a trade so I am not too familiar with overclocking and my gut tells me that it may have something to do with the overclock settings. To the best of my knowledge I have went in and reset the BIOS settings (at least I believe I have) and tried to get the overclocking back to stock.

My next guess would be a potential faulty PSU as nothing seems to be overheating and there should be enough juice kicking out of the PSU to handle everything.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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References: https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions ... arts-help/

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