This is a really short and effortless minigame

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This is a really short and effortless minigame

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I've found your RuneScape 2107 gold sword! Well done, adventurer! You are really a very faithful servant of Zaros! I won't use it. Like I told you earlier, I'm still regaining the strength that I lost when I had been imprisoned. You, *your name,* will use it. May all of your conflicts be victorious! Azzanadra will subsequently depart. Congratualations, quest complete!

Ability to get the shrines (while sporting the Pendant of Azzanadra. They recharge and give you +5 prayer points once glancing at.) Ability to weild the Sword of Azzanadra (with 70 attack. The 'Crypt Looter' minigame (explained below.) If you've got the appropriate runes equiped, and the early magic spellbook, you can autocast the charms, like the Historical Staff can.

Crypt Looter Minigame: This is a really short and effortless minigame, but the rewards aren't the greatest. To do this, you must enter the crypt you discovered during the pursuit. There are two ways of accomplishing this. Together with 70 mining, you can mine out the rockslide to the primary entry, or you may use the cave entrance by Eblis as well as the mirrors. You must also be wearing the Pendant of Azzanadra. The pendant permits you to be able to open any door. Should you mined out the entrance and walked through the long hallway to the circular room, you can enter any door you chose.

If you entered the cave entrance near Eblis, you'll need to walk down a hallway to enter King Alirin's area. Whenever you're in one of the round chambers away to the side, then you can search the gold vases for rewards (listed below). Also, you can look for the grave for even greater rewards (additionally listen below), but there's a 1/5 chance that a mummy (level 98) will appear and attack you. Also, you can only loot vases/tombs once. If you would like to cheap School RS Gold loot it again, you'll have to depart the crypt and re-enter, together with waiting 15 minutes.

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