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27 янв 2018, 12:47

Wireless not working

Сообщение MichaelMorin 17 мар 2018, 11:04


Having a very difficult time getting wireless networking to function on our brand new telo (well, 3 weeks old, been trying to get it working for 3 weeks). The telo connects if I run a cord to my router. If I try to configure the wireless, I get mixed results. I've already been sent one replacement wireless adapter by support, but that didn't help. I can scan for networks, and it will detect my networks, but it refuses to connect to them - "Network cannot be added". If I try to add manually, it says cannot add network. My telo is arms length away from my router. I've never had any issues connecting devices to this router before. It is a Netgear model WNDR3700. I enabled the guest network on the router and disabled all security. It will not connect here either.In one odd twist, definitely a fluke, I was at the adding network screen and rebooted the telo before it finished. When it came back up, it did actually connect to the guest network and I'm pretty sure the telo connected to the ooma network. It didn't take very long for the connection to drop though. That was the only time this telo has ever connected to my wireless network.Does anyone have any suggestions?

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