Best AIO color laser(?) printer in 2017?

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18 окт 2017, 13:27

Best AIO color laser(?) printer in 2017?

Сообщение Williamhawk 05 дек 2017, 11:23


Replacing a WF-7520 with CIS at the office. The ink waste pad is EOL. I know about solutions like Printer Potty, but the WF-7520 also requires clean print head function to be run quite frequently which is very annoying - so would like to buy a good long term replacement.
The WF-7520 has worked well, except for the fact that the printhead cleaning function periodically needs to be run 5+ times in a row manually to fix bad quality printing and the waste ink pad expiring is a pain that I don't want to deal with again.

Need a network printer that 'just works' in printing basic color documents at the lowest cost with scanning/copy function. Should not require frequent hands on maintainence like swapping ink/toner or running printhead clean cycles. The ability to match the variable paper types that the WF-7520 does is a bonus.


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